Tis' the season for warm sweaters, pumpkin spiced desserts and special plates that remind us why we love  the changing of  the seasons.  Click your favorite fall vegetable or fruit to find easy, affordable, mouth-watering ways to prepare them! Recipes coming soon!


Package-free, dry, bulk goods are a great way to keep costs down and recipes clean.  This is The Sustainable Feast, essential guide to bulk goods.  Keep them stocked and you will be prepared to whip up all of our fast, affordable, seasonal meals after a simple walk through your garden.


Enjoy the best of each season all year round by learning to can at home.  Shopping canned goods in the market is easy and relatively low waste, however, these foods often come from thousands of miles away.   Growing, canning and cooking connects us with the food on our plates. Add interesting flavor twists to turn low-priced garden goods into gourmet goodies.  


Fresh fruits and veggies undergo changes that cause spoilage after they are harvested.  Freezing is a super quick and convenient way to preserve seasonal produce. Freeze foods at peak ripeness to ensure the best quality with the maximum nutritional value.


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